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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”— Oscar Wilde

Escape Velocity


Praise for Escape Velocity


Escape Velocity-Lynn Stegner

“Instantly addictive and disconcertingly credible, Escape Velocity will send the unwary reader pell-mell through the mazy proceedings and gamesmanship of corporate Silicon Valley. The story is shot through with shrewd humor and keen observation. I never knew how much I wanted to know about the legal and economic ins-and-outs of the tech industry until Susan Wolfe, uniquely positioned to illuminate both, decided to write this exhilarating novel.”

Lynn Stegner
Author of For All the Obvious Reasons

Escape Velocity-Alice La Plante

Escape Velocity is that rare thing: a page-turner about business. Susan Wolfe has achieved something extraordinary with this book: a thriller in which financial and legal suspense keeps you as breathless with anticipation as the rich character development. An absolutely compelling stay-up-all-night read.”

Alice La Plante
Award-winning author of Turn of Mind

Escape Velocity-Barbara Babcock

“Was there ever a more appealing character than this clever, hard-working Georgia Griffin of Piney, Arkansas, who has inherited her father’s genius for the con? . . . Not only highly entertaining, but also insightful and informative about Silicon Valley’s high tech industry, whose principals are not always what they claim.”

Barbara Babcock
Crown Professor of Law, Emerita
Stanford Law School
Author of Woman Lawyer: The Trials of Clara Foltz and Recollections


The Last Billable Hour

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Praise for The Last Billable Hour


LBH-The New York Times Book Review

“A funny, chilling view of big-time law.”

The New York Times Book Review

LBH-San Francisco Chronicle

“A world of captivating corruption . . .With a delicate blend of malice, suspense and sharp psychology, Wolfe winds up her story with a scene that explodes a number of myths.”

San Francisco Chronicle

LBH-Collin Wilcox

“Absolutely first class. Susan Wolfe has succeeded in bringing the reader into the profit-obsessed world of big-time corporate law without once talking down. The Last Billable Hour is a brilliant debut by a first-class writer.”

Collin Wilcox
Author of The Pariah and Night Games

LBH-Mystery News

“The ultimate insider’s look at the intrigues and infighting by which California’s most hyperkinetic lawyers stay sharp in between multi million-dollar deals.”

Mystery News

LBH-The New York Times Book Review 2

“Susan Wolfe if at her best depicting – and spoofing – the glitzy law firm scene. A lawyer herself, she serves her damages with skill and obvious glee.

The New York Times Book Review

LBH-St. Louis Post-Dispatch

“A swift, complex plot, an unlikely romance and an intriguing glimpse at power politics among yuppie attorneys.”

St. Louis Post-Dispatch

LBH-California Lawyer

“Fast-paced . . . humorous. This twists of plot and details of practice are drawn with accuracy and wit. The Last Billable Hour is also a moral tale, a thoughtful and colorful commentary on the legal profession.”

California Lawyer

LBH-Paul Brest

“This diverting tale of legal skullduggery throws a scintillating if scandalous light on the highly charged, high-tech practice of law in Silicon Valley. Readers will look forward to the further adventures of attorney Howard Rickover and Inspector Sarah Nelson.”

Paul Brest
Dean Emeritus
Stanford Law School

LBH-Robert Barnard

“The writing is sharp, and the dialogue leaps from the page.”

Robert Barnard
Author of Death in a Cold Climate and Death on the High C’s

LBH-Lia Matera

“An absolutely authentic view of law firm politics, written by someone who’s obviously been there. If Samuel Butler had been a corporate lawyer, this is the kind satire he’d have written. It will make readers laugh – and it will make lawyers blush.”

Lia Matera
Author of Where Lawyers Fear To Tread







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