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Palo Alto, CA — Steelkilt Press will release
Escape Velocity by Susan Wolfe
October 4, 2016

When does the Con become the Artist?

Georgia Griffin has just arrived in Silicon Valley from Piney, Arkansas on very bald tires, having firmly rejected her beloved father’s life as a con artist. Her father is in jail and a certain minister is hugging her mother for Jesus while eyeing Georgia’s little sister, Katie-Ann. Georgia desperately needs to keep her new job as paralegal for Lumina Software so she can provide a California haven for her sister before it’s too late.

While she’s still living in her car, Georgia realizes that incompetence and self-dealing have a death grip on her new company. She decides to adapt her extensive con artist training—just once—to clean up the company. But success is seductive. Soon Georgia is an avid paralegal by day and a masterful con artist by night, using increasingly bold gambits designed to salvage Lumina Software. Then she steps into the shadow of a real crime and must decide: Will she risk her job, the roof over her sister’s head, and perhaps her very soul?

Contact David Ivester, Marketing & Publicity Director with questions or requests:

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susan-wolf-01-220x200Susan Wolfe is a lawyer with a B.A. from the University of Chicago and a law degree from Stanford University. After four years of practicing law full time, she bailed out and wrote the best-selling novel, The Last Billable Hour, which won the Edgar Award for Best First Novel. She returned to law for another sixteen years, first as a criminal defense attorney and then as an in-house lawyer for Silicon Valley high-tech companies. Born and raised in San Bernardino, California, she now lives in Palo Alto, California, with her husband, Ralph DeVoe. Her new novel, Escape Velocity, will be published in October of 2016.

Visit the author’s website at www.authorsusanwolfe.com


Praise for Susan Wolfe &
Escape Velocity

“Not only highly entertaining, but also insightful and informative about Silicon Valley’s high tech industry, whose principals are not always what they claim.”
—Barbara Babcock, Professor Emerita of Stanford Law School, and author of Woman Lawyer: The Trials of Clara Foltz and Recollections

“A financial and legal thriller with rich character development that creates an absolutely compelling stay-up-all-night read.”
—Alice LaPlante, Award-winning author of Turn of Mind

“Instantly addictive and disconcertingly credible, Escape Velocity will send the unwary reader pell-mell through the mazy proceedings and gamesmanship of corporate Silicon Valley. This exhilarating novel is shot through with shrewd humor and keen observation.”
—Lynn Stegner, author of For All the Obvious Reasons

“A lawyer herself, Susan Wolfe serves her damages with skill and obvious glee.”
(The Last Billable Hour)
—The New York Times Book Review[/one_half_last]

Contact David Ivester, Marketing & Publicity Director with questions or requests:
moc.ediug-rohtuanull@divad — 941-321-8570


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